Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mudslide Mayhem

On the birthday of it's founder Baden Powell more than 800 youth members: Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers had a muddy ball on Sunday February 22.

152 years after BP was born Scouting is still going strong and still providing fun in the outdoors for boys and girls of all ages. Whilst you might not have seen the smiles on their faces, it was only because they were crusted in mud.

Youth from the three local Scouting Zones converged on a paddock off QEII drive to spend four hours in a variety of activities which were open to the general public as well: all the activities involved water and most of them some opportunity to get muddy. Canterbury's washing machines may never recover.

Locally organised by the Avon Cossgrove Rover Crew and Pegasus Zone annually, Mudslide has quickly become a big favourite of all involved in Scouting in Canterbury. A big thank you also has to go to the owner of the property: Kerry Sergeant.

Mudslide Day is a national event and this year more than 10,000 youth had fun getting muddy with their mates.

See some of the photos here


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