Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ANZAC Remembered

More than 20 Cubs, Scouts and Venturers stayed overnight at the Den on Friday April 24 ready for a very early start for the Dawn Parade Service in the Christchurch Cathedral Square.
After watching another of Adrian's interminable war movies; The Dambusters, the rest of the group went to sleep. Although much shorter than last years slow and long Great Escape, this black and white 4:3 movie failed to show off the newly donated screen and Mike F's flash pojector and sound system.

(in fairness though, it's difficult to find something in G rating that isn't fairly slow)

Everyone woke fresh and relaxed on Saturday morning and we were soon off to the City in convoy. Once again Mike managed to give the tail end charlies the slip, but we managed to get together again and walked to some good spots in front of the Cenotaph.

The kids all jumped when the rifles were fired, and were a bit awe struck as the Grumman Fighter overflew the parade: (below)

Q and Indy awestruck with the rest of Christchurch

Returning to cook ourselves some breakfast outside in the crisp morning air, we enjoyed sausages, burgers and plenty of sauce. The boys and girls seemed to enjoy themselves with plenty of volunteers to cook, just not quite so many to volunteer to clear up.

Thanks to Mike, Kenny and Kerry for leading this and to the parents who got up early to help ferry us all into town.

Thanks too to Daniel and Kerry who hung around at the end of the event to make sure the kitchen was clean

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