Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Midwinter Campfire Malarkey

The first Pegasus Zone mid winter camp fire!

The first mid winter camp fire run by Malvern was absolutely awesome.

It was at Blue Skies and there were about 100 people there.
Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers were there. Adrian organised this event to get the Pegasus Zone local groups together and have a winter activity.
Malvern Group, Burwood Group and the old ugly Phoenix Venturers were there.

There was lightning and we were a bit worried about rain. It was a bit cold but Helen and Fins amazing camp fire song warmed us up. Some of Malvern’s cubs and scouts performed acts, some of the big Venturers did some sing-a-longs and the bigger rovers did some weird act. We ended with our Leaders giving us some badges we earned.
I thought that it can be better next year if more groups came along and had fun with us.
Tak :: Scout/PL

Does anyone have photos or video of the activities? Can you send them in please?

I also have two pairs of gloves I found whilst clearing up on Thursday

Image below is the circle after it's been cleared up the morning after.

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