Sunday, March 14, 2010

what a busy weekend!

Malvern Scouts took part in the Scouting Pegasus Bay Camper's Cup competition this weekend at Omaka, as well as the Keas taking part in the National Kea Sleepover by camping out at the den.
The Scouts camped out on Saturday night and Sunday as they competed for a place in the regional camper's cup next month. Our rookie patrol presented for us, but missed line honours. They did an awesome job of dealing with all the rules of the cup coming down the field to the winners New Brighton. New Brighton had a very well laid out site with plenty of constructions and as a very old Scout I felt quite at home amongst the 'old school' tables, wash stands and roll up side tents.
The Keas bought it all on as they moved in for the weekend, the piled up pizza boxes were taller than most of the 10 wee things that came along. We had an enjoyable time eating more popcorn than is healthy for us, watching UP and giggling at the Scout Russel, and playing some games in the dark before cooking our own pancakes and cracking eggs as if we'd been doing it for ever.

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