Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking responsibility and raising funds is good for our youth

I was heartened to hear all the awesome things that are being planned by the fund raising committee, as well as all the events that are happening already to fund raise to send the Scouts and the leaders to this year's Jamboree in Hamilton.

It's a big task ahead but one in which all the Scouts (and the Cubs and Keas) can have a credible part.

Raising cash is a lesson all our youth need to learn, and fund raising is a skill they can all benefit from learning. Together with the prudent use of money, and taking responsibility for setting goals and achieving them.

Please encourage your child in taking up the challenge to learn something while raising some funds, allow them to see the connection between work and reward, allow them to begin to understand that nothing comes of nothing, but that something worthwhile can come from their own efforts.

I was reading some of the entries in the original Court of Honour minute book I found at the den, it's an vaguely interesting record of the goings on at the troop going back to 1951. Unfortunately it's also a reflection of how things never change: Scouts who didn't pull their weight in the bottle drive, insubordination and lack of respect for their elders, grumbles about uniforms and programming etc.

Our youth still need to learn these things, and it's an opportunity for us as parents to allow them some of the responsibility for their own learning and future; for us to step aside as the prime provider of our children's safety and allow our children the opportunity to be responsible for themselves. The Scout way: be prepared

Posted via email from Scouts at Malvern Scout Group

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