Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day two, like day one only a day later

Sunset on day two, fingers reaching out to our Scouts from behind the clouds.

Well we're now fully into things with the Jamboree proper getting into full swing. Two of our patrols off the site today one to Hamilton Zoo (which is like Orana Park only closer, and the others to Waingaro for an adventure camp experience.

The other patrols spent their day getting muddy at Xperience (an army styled adventure activity) Xhaust (goodness knows what they were doing but they came back tired and wet) and Xtend.

As well as the adventure they've also been creative and our Leader John is re-living his youth in his newly created Tie-Dye T-shirt. He's hoping it becomes fashion again. Some of the leaders are hoping to revive Gonks, but somehow I doubt they'll take off like Tie-Dye did.

Dinner was a welcome sight, even though the chefs forgot to add the vegetables to the sweet and sour pork sauce. And we were almost swimming in vanilla ice-cream with our apple slices.

No one is sunburned yet, but one of the hats has been a casualty and Cas is now wearing a borrowed hat which is even less liked than the black ones they've been issued with.

John tells me that this is a Gum Emporor moth, and frankly I think it feeds on small birds. I don't want to live in the North Island if the moths are this big, I swear it's big enough to carry Andrew Limmer-wood off. Aidan did scream like a girl, but is calm now that it's gone on to terrorise another camp-site.

Tomorrow is new year's eve, and the following day we get a lie in, and a chillaxing day on-site to try a few things out without the travel after a late night.

Our two off-site patrols are going to Cambridge and to Jone's Landing. One race day, and one wet day and as Dave Dobynn said the outlook for tomorrow is good.

Caio parents, enjoy the time without them...

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