Friday, December 24, 2010

Didn't we do well? :: A de-brief on our fund-raising successes.

To all our families at Malvern Scout Group, merry Christmas and an adventure packed new year.

It's a few days until Jamboree, here's an update on where we are with the fund-raising.


Almost final figures for costs for Jamboree are: $1395.01 per youth member

This is the total cost of Jamboree, including some contingency funds. Costs per person are $1116.01 (35) (Most of these costs are based on cost per youth member, by and large most adult troop leaders are not being charged for their attendance)

Gross costs therefore are $39,060.28

Funds raised so far are $1395.57 per youth member (an amount totalling $15.68(gross) has not yet been allocated to a cost for Jamboree and will be accounted for after Jamboree has finished.)

Gross funds raised (including deposits) $39,075.96

These figures are still not complete as Jamboree has not finished and some of the contingency costs are not known until afterwards. 

There has been a lot of discussion in the committee about everyone's fund-raising efforts.

Here's some statistics for you to mull over:

Funds raised by individuals and directly attributable to a family: $5,518.88
(stock-takes, deposits)

Funds raised by EVERYONE: $6,824.20
(Raffle tickets, chocolate [Keas and Cubs who are not getting the benefit of funds they raised, but their turn will come] Bob-a-job)

Funds raised for EVERYONE: $14,96.13
Grants, garage sale, donations, business sponsorship, Ministry of Social Development funds.

GROUP fund-raising: $11,769.84
Trade-Me, Pine cones, Sausages, Compost.

Whilst there were many broadly held conversations about the apparent perceived unfair distribution of work for effort by families within the GROUP fund-raising category, it was decided by the committee that any families who had not contributed to fund raising activities, would be asked to pay a share based on the GROUP Fund-raising total of $11,769.84. This has been concluded.

GROUP Fund-raising raised $11,769.84.

If this was to be divided equally amongst the Scouts then the amount that should have been raised by each family on behalf of the group in joint fund-raising efforts should have been $435.92 per Scout. This is the THEORETICAL figure that each family would have had to contribute through their own fund-raising efforts.

Frankly though, there is always an 'unequal playing field'.

Some examples of how 'unfair' this can be are:

One Scout has personally bought in around 1.5 times his own gross costs, all of which have been distributed evenly into the pot and throughout the Jamboree contingent.

Mike Foubister has been central to raising $10,796 via trade-me, also distributed evenly throughout the contingent.

One committee member has been central in raising $10,950 via grants; he doesn't have any family members within the group, let alone family going to Jamboree.

The end result of all your effort is that there is just enough to do what we set out to do: send 28 Scouts to Jamboree where they have only had to contribute their deposit, just as we have done for the past three Jamborees and summer adventure camps at Stavely.

The original plan for travel to the jamboree was flying in our patrols, as a group, and after many, many discussions and thought on the matter the committee voted that group travel would be the only travel to be covered from fund raising.


Thank you all, and didn't we do well?

A huge thank you goes to the central fund-raising committee of Mike Foubister, Jo Downey, Brenda Greene, Mark Andrews, Toni Smith, Suzie P and Jeff Peters, without whom none of this would have been done at all.


We welcome anyone to join the committee, and share in the processes, discussions and decisions we make; and frankly, to share some of the work that goes on in the background to make this group work for everyone.

Posted via email from Scouts at Malvern Scout Group

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