Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First day wet, bumpy and about as expected

I'll try to keep you all updated from the jamboree, battery willing.

The flight was OK, bit turbulent on the ascent and descent, but nothing much to fret about as a good Cantab. Auckland was hot and wet (this is sounding like an Pom talking about the weather)

After convincing the bus driver that picking up our last member in an Auckland suburb was acceptable, and then poor Dennis got himself lost even though we'd thoughtfully printed directions. Mike was now on board and we were wending our wet way to Hamiltron.

Poor Bradley was dropped at his aunties, he thinks he's only there for a few days...

The site is magnificent, but the rain meant we were slow to put the tents up. The heat made us dry quickly though.

By the time you all arrive tomorrow we should have the rest of the tents up and the kitchen fully sorted.

We've got piles of things for you to see and do, and your uniforms are all waiting for your arrival and parade at the opening ceremony.

Should be a good start to Jambo as long as the weather holds out...

If it's dark and I have a forehead torch, it must be jamboree...

Showing on the web near you...


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