Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey Mum! I'm home

Well after a few trepidations (a car crash for the Taylors) and a bit of excitement in camp, we're all here safe and sound.

Luke and his family are safe.

Finally we're all here doing the things we've been fund-raising for, and looking forward to doing for so long. Adventure Jam 2010.

26 Scouts and seven leaders busily working out just how things go together when we're out of our comfort zones learning new things.

 There's still a few things to fix and make ship-shape, but by and large, we've moved in and are making the site our own. As the photo shows we're a sea of luminous yellow, and when we got to the opening ceremony we could see we weren't alone in our high fashion sense, two or three other groups had similar tops, so my hopes of being able to spot our charges from the moon are dashed. The Jamboree scarf is already in high demand, with Jo and Adrian both being offered bribes to swap them. One Scout said she was canning her swap with 'that fella' for a better scarf: ours. The opening ceremony was inspirational on a couple of levels. Seeing the youth getting up and dancing in the grandstand along with 4,000 other young people was awe inspiring (and bought a tear to a few leaders eyes) followed by some new-fangled dancing from a troupe of boys who all needed a haircut and to pull their pants up. But for me, the most special moment was re-making my Scout Promise as Mark Inglis made his to be the Adventure Plus! Ambassador for Scouting: I'll just call him Mark Inglis, Chief Scout of New Zealand if that's OK with you. All your cherubs are fast asleep in their beds now, and all I can hear is the slow sussuration of the gas lamp and Mike Foubister snoring. Scout of the day was Tom Foubister, who went above and beyond in his patient wait for everyone else's food. PS, the veggie burgers were awesome, and no one left too much behind so the cooks must have done a good job. See you all tomorrow.

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