Monday, December 27, 2010

Last minute things :: flights :: container return :: Cellphones :: Pocket Money

Don't forget. I am leaving for Hamilton tomorrow before breakfast, if you have a question, call me today not tomorrow.

Site banner
is now done ^
Just a bit of sewing needed to finish it all off.
If your child is bringing their cell-phone, please advise the number to me today
Container arrival in Christchurch
We expect the container back around January 13. I have NOT confirmed the arrival back at the Den yet.

If you need equipment or clothes returned before that date YOU MUST let me know, you will also need to supply a list of what is needed so we can make sure it does get packed. There will not be room for everything to come back, be selective.
Pocket Money
All money will be held in our lock-box and dispensed daily.
Please send no more than $5 a day ($50) There are no shops close by, no dairy, no need for much money. Unless your child has a caffeine habit there will only be lollies to purchase, or trashy gifts. Should they wish they can purchase leaders a latté every now and again (long black for me).
We will take no responsibility for money not held in the lock-box.
These will be held in a central place as will the money. They will be dispensed and collected back at specific times of the day for around 15 minutes at a time to preserve batteries. If you have spare batteries you will still need to hand your phone in. Phones will not be needed during activities. Phones will be confiscated for the duration of Jamboree, if not handed back in.
Your flights are leaving Christchurch on Wednesday at 11:00 NZ510
They are rebuilding the terminal and ask that we are there at 9:00am. Arrange to meet with your PL and then with Asi who is the ONLY adult leader travelling on Wednesday. Brenda is also flying with you though.
Cameras, please make sure it's identified with your name at least, your jamboree ID code and site number (301) would help too.
Leave your iPods and other personal electronic equipment at home.

There is nowhere to charge them.
You won't be wearing them around the site (because they'll be taken from you)
They are dangerous during activities.
If you can't bear the thought of travelling without them then you need to learn the art of conversation.
If we see them, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the Jamboree, potentially once the container is unpacked in Christchurch mid January.
Don't forget to NOT pack bomb making equipment or knives or liquids in your hand luggage, it will get taken from you at the airport, should you get it past security it's likely to get taken from you at Jamboree.
Do Remember:
Sunblock (your responsibility Scouts)
An Ice cream container full of your lunch for travel day (and the other travel days at Jamboree).
Your full Scout uniform and smart trousers/shorts for travel days.
Your daily medications (hand these to your adult patrol leader once at Jamboree)
Sanitary needs.
Everything else I can't think of right now.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Hamiltron on Wednesday for an awesome Jamboree.


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