Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another day older, another day nearer to the end.

Today's been a little more trying than usual, during the night we had a couple of the boys succumb to some kind of food poisoning. Matthew is back with us and healthy again, but Luke and Tom F are still in observation.

We think it's a case of bad burgers (this sunshine is harsh on food left out in the bush in the sun), but we may never find out what happened.

Two of the tents were isolated due to contamination, but I've hosed them down and disinfected them thoroughly. During the night (why do boys choose 3:40 am to wake to vomit?) we moved the unaffected boys to the marquee whilst we cleaned up. So our dining and chillaxing area looked a little chaotic before breakfast.

But by afternoon and dinner, everything was ship shape again.
Luckily two of the affected had parents here, with only Luke on his 'own'. The whole troop has rallied around and keep visiting the two boys who are a metre and half back from the isolation fencing as well as cheering them both up by making stuff at the activity bases and dropping it off to them.

Everyone else in our troop was out today as planned having adventures, and nothing else has developed with other troop members. Considering there are more than 4,000 young people here it's a wonder there aren't more illness outbreaks really.

Time is catching up with us all

the couch gets a battering some days,

as do the benches...

I have heard tell there's some delicious photos of leaders catching a few Zs,  I imagine they'll surface at the most embarrassing time too.

But still there's endless sunshine and some awesome food...

Here's Aidan posing in the canoes they made from a roll of Duct Tape and some coreflute from yesterday before the trots set in...

It's really time to get some sleep for me. So rather than talk too long, I'll bid you all adieu until tomorrow.

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