Thursday, January 6, 2011

From whoa to go and then some

We've had a few ups and a few downs this Jamboree, but today has been a very good day for all of us.

You should be very proud of your Scouts, they're an awesome team. From getting our hands slapped by our sub camp team on the evening of the second of January your Scouts have learned how to set up and keep their camp site in the proper order. Yesterday they were awarded the Silver award for Camp-Craft, we were all really chuffed with our progress. (From -1 to +2 almost overnight)

Gaining the award, and being able to see what to do (from their own efforts and from viewing other camp sites with input from the Sub-Camp team) has allowed the Scouts to move on and achieve more, to such an extent that today at the Patrol Leader's Council they've been attending all Jamboree my PLs were awarded a Platinum Camp-Craft award.

Stacking the beds lets us get more room to move and clean within the tents and helps the clothes and bedding get aired and healthier.

The morning Duty Patrol worked hard to get their kitchen really clean and tidy, with all the food covered and put away neatly, and ready for service when it came to lunch as well.

We'd been given a bit of an inside tip on this and so at dinner today we made a bit of a wager.

If the Scouts can get another pennant tomorrow at the final judging of the Jamboree and it's higher than our current platinum, I get to go the full Yul Brynner.

As long as I get to do it myself I think it may not look too bad. Mike Bellamy will give me some tips on maintaining the look hopefully.

Tomorrow will be our last cooked meal together and once the chores are complete we'll have ourselves and awards dinner, each PL has chosen one of their team to recognise in some way and has procured some kind of award to present. The leaders have also done some discussion, and awarded some humorous as well as serious awards to our young men and women. Additionally there will be some people's choice awards voted on by our Scouts. This is in part to show them that they get to take responsibility for their own futures.

We'll let you all know who's who once we get back to Christchurch on Friday.

Please be ready to collect your Scouts on Friday evening around 8:50pm. This will be the last news from Jamboree as we start to break camp tomorrow after breakfast. Last official event is tomorrow night and Jamboree will officially close at 9:30pm, followed by some last fellowship and swapping of uniforms etc. Our Scouts have made some wonderful friends here at our first single troop contingent Jamboree, an event they'll all remember for a very long time.

Keep an eye out for photos of yours truly in the newspapers (real ones, not online ones) in the coming days, I was interviewed at length today and had my photo taken, so I may get another shot at my 15 minutes of fame.

Thanks for letting me take your children away, it's been an honour and a privilege.

See you all on Friday

Posted via email from Scouts at Malvern Scout Group

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