Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New day, a new year, a new adventure.

There were a few tired faces this morning, and the kids didn't fare too well either.

After a lie in until 7:15 the duty patrol were roused (gently) to make the breakfast for the rest of the troop. It was a relaxed affair, and there was a fairly subdued and contemplative breakfast of Spaghetti, toast and the ubiquitous tinned fruit with cereal. I'm glad we're not having to peel all those glacé cherries.

Awesome snags for lunch: (hot dogs and rolls). Today definitely seemed much hotter than the other days, thankfully it's a little breezier today. I never thought we might miss the easterly like we do.

We've heard that Kate is safely out of surgery at the hospital and will make a speedy recovery, but may not make it back to take up the last two days of Jamboree. The on-site doctors and hospital staff made the right choices in getting her referred to the Hamilton Hospital. Unfortunately there have been two quarantined sites with possible gastro medical issues, they're on 24 hour lock-down in case the whole troop goes down with the same thing.

Some excitement today was that two patrols were invited out to dinner as guests of South Otago Troop, two patrols came to our mess for dinner. Everyone had fun and I'm proud to say that our troop stepped up and were awesome hosts, as well as being courteous and polite guests, with Will doing us proud in his giving thanks for the hospitality shown to our troop.

I'm sorry there's been no photos today, but the pace of things is beginning to get to all of us, and discretion is the better part of valour when it comes to getting some sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us, we're all off to Finlay Park as a whole troop. Most of our activities are based in our patrols. Every day two patrols go off site, whilst the other three stay on site and take part in 6 activities on-site. Finlay Park is the only day when we are all off-site together.

Following the day together our three 14 year olds are being whisked away by the Venturer team on an extension programme overnight in the bush near the park. The 13 year olds are not staying overnight but will take part in another evening treat activity that the younger ones are excluded from.

St Matts are our neighbours in Christchurch, and at Jamboree we are in adjacent sites. Tomorrow they'll keep an eye on our site while we're away, and collect and store our rations from the QM store on our behalf. Thanks for the support guys.

Hopefully your children are keeping in touch when they can, please txt me on 21 2 438 347 if you're hearing anything that concerns you, or if anything is going pear-shaped.

Tonight the Scouts were treated to a Tauranga 'rock' band after seeing the new uniform in the flesh for the first time ever. The new silver shirts looked awesome, and whilst there were a few groans (it looks like a boy's high shirt was one of the comments I overheard) most thought it a positive change and I personally am looking forward to wearing it as it's phased in from April 2011.

Do keep an eye on the Jamboree facebook page where Brenda and the media team are uploading lots of photos of our children having fun here in their first adventure of 2011.

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  1. Hi guys - sounds like you are having fun!

    Where do we find the facebook page mentioned?

    Thanks for all the updates - we are looking forward to reading them every night....