Saturday, January 1, 2011

Would you really send your children off with these people?

Well it's nearly new year's day and we've had a big busy day here in the Hamiltron. Kate Enright is unfortunately off-site with possible appendicitis, John her father is a leader here and he's on tenterhooks waiting to hear what the outcome is. The med team are hopeful that if it is a surgery issue she could be back in a few days anyway.

On a brighter note, here we all are just before heading off to the international night and new year's eve party. Our subcamp colour is blue, and Malvern went along themed to the hilt. We may well feature as the most photogenic troop on the front of the Jamboree Newsletter. Even though we were the only troop to go in fancy dress, we had  blast and we certainly got noticed.

The international night followed another full-on day. Mike showed me photos of all his patrol fast asleep on the out-bound and in-bound coach rides to their day out on the wet and wild adventure. The Scouts are having a great time, but are beginning to tire, bedtimes are certainly getting quieter quicker.

I got out today with the rest of John's patrol whilst he was with poor Kate. We went to the Xhaust base and ended up smashing cars with sledge hammers (once again our smaller Scouts soon ran out of puff lifting the 10Kg hammer) Axe throwing (no one lost a finger) and a water fight with some Australians. We gave them a hiding as usual. It was awesome to see the Scouts hooning round the go-kart track on two-stroke motorised scooters and snowboards.

After a dinner cooked under some trying conditions (whoever in catering and menu design dept.  that thought fish cakes and potato chips cooked on a barbecue without resort to enough oil  to deep fry them was a good idea should be shot.) we went over to the International night to be entertained by some of the more than 500 Scouts from Australia, New Caledonia, Samoa, Hong Kong and our treasured Asi's homeland: The Cook Islands.

Almost two hours of songs, drumming, and haka were topped of by seeing Siosifa (our shy young Scout) up on the stage in front of 5,000 demonstrating how the Chinese handkerchief dance was done. An impressive task given that he'd only been taught how to do it 10 minutes before by Amy; one of the leaders from Hong Kong.

The Scouts enjoyed making a fair bit of noise and seeing the new year in under a rain of hundreds of balloons in the arena with some of that new-fangled rock'n'roll rubbish blaring from the sound system with some of their new found friends and peers.

A happy new year to you all from the Jamboree troop, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Enright family and Kate.

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And this was taken after the shower to get rid of the worst mess...

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