Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow What A day it's been.

My phone died just now so no photos today, and we were wet through from start to finish so not much opportunity for posing with cameras today!

We were mucky bums today, we did a runner on our breakfast dishes which was not the most sensible thing to do for many reasons, not least of which it would have disappointed my dad. At least he's not here to see what a slob I was today as he's enjoying the winter sun in the UK.

Unfortunately the leaders pummelled the kids in every challenge today. We started by all having to make a raft float from three 20 litre containers and a piece of string. racing in pairs around two bouys, and relaying all our patrol back to the beach. Leaders 1, kids 4 patrols 0.

Lake Karapiro was mighty bracing at 10 am, but like most things refreshing and reminiscent of my favourite Brighton beach, just no pier. I think it was all down to the fifty metre lead that Darren and I set up for the leader patrol personally. Asi's awesome calf muscles seemed to get bogged down in the thigh deep mud around 30M out, and of course the Scouts were a little disadvantaged as they couldn't reach the lake-bed like Darren could for much of the route. Thanks for the drag Darren.

From there onto the Top Troop competition. We let them have this base to themselves. They had to fill a container with water, but had to transport it in some interesting and challenging modes. Samantha did an awesome job on the stretcher with the ice cream container on her tummy. Early on their ingenuity was almost disqualified as they resourcefully used one of their lunchbox lids to speed the progress of the water on the uneven wheeled trotting carriage section.

Asi set the benchmark for the tennis ball shot. Using bungy cords and a tennis ball we aimed for the pontoon on the lake from our cliff-side vantage point. None of the youngsters got very close to the distance, but they did take to aiming at the poor fellas retrieving the ammunition in the kayaks. Maybe that's why we only got two refills?

After lunch the leaders won the challenge, but the kids stayed the driest. Building a platform for our 5L bucket and filling it the fastest and having it be stable for a minute was easy for the leaders. But the kids had the last laugh as they found the wheelie bin full of water and distributed it over the leaders rather than filling their own buckets.

From there we went on to making canoes from a roll of duct tape and an 8X4 sheet of coreflute. (plastic corrugated card). The Scouts then had to navigate it around a buoy and back to the jetty. Andrew L-W was probably the lightest and most co-ordinated so was the first round the bouy and back. Once again as well as the task focus, there was a fair amount of malarkey in the water.

From here the 14 year olds peeled off on their own for an overnight adventure possibly on one of the islands in Lake Karapiro, where they are building their own bivvy and feeding themselves.

The 13 year olds were also separated for an introduction to Venturers and some paintball activities. Like most 13 year olds they came home late and woke up the young uns as they bounced through the gate having been allowed up late.

Mike B is hopefully taking off a patrol to Karamu caves as long as we can find enough thermal polyprops. I'm amazed how many kids have missed this and other items they've been asked to pack. Their excuse is always that they didn't think they'd need it and how unfair it is they can't do that activity. There's always something they learn from the disappointment though. I'm dreading the activity that asks for the ground-sheet I told you all we didn't need.

Hopefully tomorrow is a slower day than today, the kids and I are both looking forward to some chillaxing before the excitement of the last night and the sadness of saying goodbye to some of the new friends they've made.

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  1. Heya "Gear List with socks on it." list that you sent us out didn't have those items on it so that might explain some kids not having them! Groundsheet was on an earlier list but I can't see a mention of polys, sorry!!