Monday, February 7, 2011

Some milestones for Malvern

I'm proud to note that Grant Bennett, our Scoutmaster of very long standing has been awarded a Medal of Merit in the Founder's day awards list. Grant has worked alongside a number of leaders for the last ten years and more, his children are long gone from the section but he's continued to work with our youth members.

I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking him for his excellent service for more than a decade.

I'd also like to note that I'll be presenting three new leader warrants in the next few weeks.

Glen Daglish has helped us with Keas since we set it up, as well as being something of a fixture at Cubs as well. Towards the end of last year Glen made an application to be a leader, and this has been processed. I'll invest Glen as soon as I can.

James Egan has also been highly involved in the Cub section and when we jump-started our new Thursday Cubs last year he was one of the first to jump in and give us a hand. His application has also been processed successfully and I'll invest James too.

Jo Le Gros, has been a leader for many years and transferred to Malvern last year, she's been one of the linchpins for the Tama (Thursday) pack which is going gangbusters. Jo has been highly trained (to Wood-Badge) in the other zones. I'll be proud and pleased to present her warrant one night soon.

There are now 13 adults running our sections at Malvern which happens to be two more than the number of Scouts we had back in 1996/7 when I first got involved at the group.

Say hi to them all next time you're down at the den...

Grant Bennett
Mike Foubister
Asipeli Tufau

John Enright
Kenny sparrow
Darren Kellett

Jo Le Gros
James Egan

Deanne White
Kayla Hazlett
David Douglas
Glen Daglish
Courtney Von Hagen

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