Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transition and Sunrise Sleepover

It was birthday celebrations all round at the Transition ceremony on Friday 28 Sep. at the Den.

It was 105 years since Scouting Started in NZ. All our Keas, Cubs and Scouts gained an extra year. Our Venturer Unit came into being with 9 Scouts keen to continue their Scouting at Malvern! Happy Birthday all round indeed. It was a busy evening with 3 Keas and 1 Cub invested. 7 Keas transitioned to Cubs, 8 Cubs to Scouts and 9 Scouts to Venturers by completeing their transition challenge!
It was then outside to blow up the birthday cake launch celebratory rocket(s) and have the inaugrial TOWT (Tug of War Tournament) with a brand new trophy up for grabs! Only 3 Venturers were present and bombed out badly everytime but good on them for the brave effort! The Keas, Cubs & Scouts all won 2 challenges each!

After supper the Keas headed home, Cubs got their stretchers out in the Den and the Scouts outside in the tents before roasting marshmellows on the fire outside.

7.30am Saturday morning was the Sunrise Ceremony (ok, sunrise was 6.07am or so but we wanted the Keas to be able to participate as well!) After flag break everyone reconfirmed their Scout Promise and Law and we got stuck into sausages and cereal for breakfast before heading home to enjoy the holidays!

See you all in the new term, all ready and one scout year older!