Welcome to Malvern

Malvern Scout Group has been bringing adventure into kids' lives since 1944.

Our Hall Our Home is on Innes Road by Rugby Park. Youth can join as Keas, Cubs, Scouts or Venturers. Adults can join us as Leaders.  Click on the Join Malvern tab to see the full details of Section nights.

About Scouts
It’s been going on every week, for 110 years in NZ. and boys and girls all around the globe are still taking part in Scouting – the world’s leading voluntary youth movement.

What you can expect of Scouting
Scouting is about fun and personal development: this means promoting the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, helping them achieve their full potential.  In Scouting, we believe that young people develop best when they are “learning by doing”; when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves.

What Scouting expects of you
Scouting’s leaders are volunteers who donate around 3 to 4 hours of their time every week to the provision of fun programmes for our youth, we ask that you support them whenever you can.  The smooth running of the programmes and the group at large we expect all caregivers of all our youth to occasionally be rostered as parent help, to support the fundraising efforts, and to help out occasionally to keep the building fabric in good condition for following generations. 

Group Leader   Jeff Peters   021 288 2866 or malvernsanz@gmail.com

Fees:  See Join Malvern

Duty of Care
Overview: (full text available on warrant and adult helper applications)
The Scouting movement is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to the education and training of young people.  The general principles under which it operates are summarised here.
The primary responsibility of all adults, parents and caregivers in the movement is the welfare and progress of youth members.  The adult leader approval process is to ensure as far as possible that only suitable adults are involved.  We have a duty of care to keep youth members safe and protect them from physical and emotional harm. 

Adults in Scouting
-        Respect the dignity of themselves and others
-        Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, recognising that at all times their words and actions are an example to other members.
-        Act at all times in accordance with Scouting principles, thereby setting a suitable example for all.
-        Do not use the movement to promote their own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are not compatible with Scouting principles.
-        Act with consideration and good judgement in all interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside Scouting.
-        Respect everyone’s right to personal privacy at all times.  They take special care when sleeping changing of clothing, bathing and ablutions, associated with any activity.
-        Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with youth members wherever possible.  Remember, “in sight- out of hearing”.
-        For their own protection should avoid potentially compromising situations by ensuring, where reasonably possible, that at least 2 adults are in attendance whilst supervising and / or accompanying youth members.  It is recognised that in certain circumstances, it may be necessary for an adult, whilst acting responsibly and exercising their “duty of care”, to be alone with a youth member.
-        Realise that bullying, physical, verbal or cultural abuse, sexual harassment, neglect, or any other type of abuse, is unacceptable conduct by any member of the movement.

Scouts Facts…
All our Leaders are volunteers.  Not all our leaders attend weekly due to work commitments.  Our leaders aren’t super heroes who know “everything’, they are enthusiastic, committed “ordinary” parents like you, we train them to deliver our adventure programmes.  Not all our volunteer are leaders, there are many areas you can help in.
More Information, who to talk to?
You are always welcome at your child’s meetings and events; where you will be able to see their progress as well as share in the fellowship of the Scout Group.
Should you wish to talk to someone outside of your group for whatever reason the following contacts will connect you to whoever you need.
South Island office                          0800 SCOUTS   
National website                             www.scouts.org.nz
National Office                                04 471 0720

In compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, please note the following:
a)    The Scout Association of New Zealand, and this Scout Group (us) collects personal information. 
b)    This information is collected to:
            1) enable enrolment in Scouts New Zealand
            2) make arrangements for your son's and daughter's participation, safety and welfare
            3) allow communication with you, your son and daughter and your family
            4) allow for the planning and delivery of effective services through The Scout
                Association of New Zealand.
c)   The information is being collected by this Group for SCOUTS New Zealand and will be used by the organisers and managers.  It will form part of a directory of Scout personnel and membership records and is available to your Group, Zone and Region.  It may be used to inform you about products and services offered or recommended by SCOUTS New Zealand, and opportunities to support SCOUTS New Zealand's work.
d)   The information will be held securely, stored electronically and used for SCOUTS New Zealand purposes.
e)   You have rights of access to, and correction of, this information subject to the provisions
      of the Privacy Act 1993.