Welcome to Scouts

We know both you and your child will enjoy the benefits of Scouts at our Scout Troop.  
Please feel free to talk to us should you have any queries on issues not covered here.

Scouts is a programme of exploration.  Scout troops offer learning programmes where children are encouraged to explore friendship, learning, challenges and adventure.

When you join Scouts you'll become a member of a group called a 'Patrol', who are Year 6 to Year 10 at school.  
So, come and join Scouts and have lots of fun, explore new things, make new friends, experiment, accept challenges and experience the adventurous Scout life.

Scouts make the following promise, it forms the basic guideline for everything that SCOUTS do:

The Scout Promise
On my honour, I promise to do my best,
To develop my spiritual beliefs,
To contribute to my community, country and world,
To help other people,
And to live by the Scout Law.

The Scout Law

Be prepared

What you can expect from Scouts

What Scouts expects of you
We appreciate it when you promptly collect your child.  Let your leader know if someone else will collect your child.
If your child is absent for any reason please call us.
Good behaviour is the joint responsibility of the child, parent and leaders.  Everyone is expected to cooperate, follow instructions, and trust people and property with respect.  Leaders use positive reinforcement and a reward system to encourage appropriate behaviour.

How you can help
Adult Help                            Become a Leader
Provide Transport                 Clean the Scout Hall
Share your Skills                   Provide resources
Sew Scarves                         Assist with fundraising/working bees
Become a member of the committee
We are all volunteers in Scouts and your help and support is important and appreciated.

Scout facts
The generic term for members of all the sections is “SCOUTS”. Not all of our volunteers wear the uniform.  Many of our volunteers help because they’re parents of a current member.  Many were not Scouts when they were younger but have learned new skills and made new friends through Scouts.  Many of our adult volunteers say they are more confident inn their everyday lives as a result of their involvement with Scouts.  All our leaders are covered by comprehensive insurance whilst taking part in Scouts.

The Biggest Myth
…..groups are closing down through lack of youth wanting to become members.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  SCOUTS is growing. Adult helpers and Leaders are currently our limiting factor.  We just don’t have enough leaders to run the exciting adventure programmes we want to, with all the youth who want to join SCOUTS!